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Bet of St. Germain: The Man That Ne’er Dies

Updated on September 19, 2018

Doyen Traylor


Doyen Traylor is a mercenary author and instructor who writes some assorted subjects including didactics and originative composition.

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Cypher knew where the Tally of Nonpareil Germain came from, or when he was natural. In fact, just light clues complicate upon the nature and individuality of this alleged reckoning. Calm, he made a long-lasting picture on those he met. And, for person dubbed to be “immortal”, the listing of individuals impressed by him was potentially foresighted.

European elites of the 1700s dubbed him the “The man that ne’er dies”. To them, this was a man with brobdingnagian talents and tidings. His opinions on senescence were sought-after by many, as was his talents in chemistry. Yet, the well-nigh significant affair that many elites on the celibate sought-after was the anti-aging elixir he touted…and demonstrated for all to see.

By all accounts, he was a renown of his metre; nevertheless, bey his legion claims, nonentity real knew him. Was he god? A illusionist? A con? Did he get from a fabled position as approximately bloggers and theorists arrogate? Whatsoever the verity may be, the Reckoning of St. Germain (too referred as Enumeration St. Germain or Comte de Apotheosis Germain ) had many believing he was deity, evening if his claims defied logic.

“A Man Who Knows Everything…”

Truly, the motto associated with St. Germain was just office of a bigger one. The far-famed French author and philosopher, Voltaire, coined the terminus in its totality. This was the integral catchword consecrated to St. Germain:

“ A man knows everything and who ne’er dies. ”

Thither was no indicant that Voltaire severely believed this. Voltaire was known for his satiric authorship and perchance mocked quite than esteemed him. And, for all intensifier intent, thither was flock in St. Germain’s cryptical and sudden show in European society to fire meditation on Voltaire’s intention.

A Man of Many Talents Emerges…From Nowhere?

Eve a man dubbed as “the man that ne’er dies” has a start. Hypothesis was that the man known as St. Germain was natural in 1710. Precisely where he was innate is an enlightened conjecture, at trump. Tied his identicalness as a “count” of a court is unelaborated. Many scholars who sustain studied the man believed that he may sustain cum from the Land of Transylvania. Others claimed Spain as his inception.

About, in the near freaky possibility to see, believed the class 1710 was only the beginning sentence he appeared in Europe and that he was often elder (as in he was the finish known subsister from Atlantis). Withal – as of this authorship — no confirmation of his nascency escort subsist.

Distillery, 1710 is not the about crucial class in the caption of St. Germain. That differentiation goes to the yr 1743 — the offset attested certify of the deity count’s universe. That twelvemonth he emerged in London. Two age subsequently, records of another populace appearing emerged in Edinburgh, Scotland ( Quartz ).

He showed off his talents such as the command of performing the fiddle.

The certification, withal, had picayune to do with his supposititious talents. The records indicated accusations and arrests for existence a spy. From stint evidences uncommitted, one can hypothesis that the charge caulescent from him existence a outsider and peradventure existence patched in fishy places. But, this is arrant speculation with lilliputian or no manifest to rachis it up.

The records too revealed how he got out of these allegations. He showed off his talents such as the control of performing the fiddle. Thither was no certify suggesting that his musicianship lonely spared him from slammer clip and/or test. Silence, he odd the British Isles upon dismissal and wasn’t heard from for more a ten.

St. Germain Goes to France

St. Germain’s whereabouts was strange since his passing from slammer (olibanum, illustrating his gift to fly without a ghost). That would modify in 1758 when he reemerged in France. No determinate grounds was presumption for his sudden comportment in the commonwealth. Quieten, he promptly attracted the royalty with his many talents. As a resultant, he became a even in the Castle of Versailles.

His meter in France made him a renown. And perhaps, the way he did this was by claiming he had a thaumaturgy potion and was volition to commit the formula to the royalty. In outgrowth, he showed off his many talents, which included:

Stupendous melodious abilities in respective instruments.

Jewellery fashioning skills (adamant shining and gem knifelike)

Eloquence in various languages.

Subordination in the antediluvian art of chemistry.

Many accounts claimed he had a way with the women, too. This was specially noticed when he became a unconstipated in Versailles. One bill claimed that his intimate repute was so brobdingnagian, that Casanova – the man dubbed the world’s sterling devotee – seethed with covetously upon earreach St. Germain’s diagnose expressed in his comportment .


The Deception Elixir

Of the stallion blow made – and believed – one stood out. Many elites inside French and European lodge noticed his show. Ostensibly, he remained unaltered by age. The royals and elites of Europe described St. Germain as “looking same 40 [years-old], but perchance beingness complete a 100 ( In Explore Of with Leonard Nimoy, 1978 ).

The reckoning did picayune to deter multitude from thought this. In fact, he victimized it to his own near. It was reported that he unbroken a phial of fluent. Many who knew the counting (or what the bet treasured them to cognize roughly him) believed the limpid was an elixir that unbroken him animated and everlasting.

Again, piteous commemorate retention and the public’s credulousness may bear played into St. Germain’s paw. It was ne’er full compulsive how citizenry of the clock dictated he was really 100 age or more.

St. Germain Gets in Worry, Again

His stoppage in the French court was maybe his finest days. He became loaded and had the deathless supporting of Power Louis XV and his schoolmarm, Madame Madame de Pompadour.

Nevertheless, the near multiplication for the Tally was ephemeral. In 1760, the Duke of Choiseul, the rector of the nation, accused St. Germain of existence a spy. Manifestly, the Duke was no fan of the Reckon and was driven to work him to jurist. But, Magnate Louis XV gave him auspices from the accusal. Hush, the Duke was instant and confident the mogul to let him to check St. Germain.

But, the dour Duke wouldn’t get his man. As mentioned, St. Germain –a man of many talents – had an crucial and born one; it was his power to disappear.

St. Germain Moves on To Another Realm

Eld went by. Enumeration St. Germain hopped round respective countries, screening off his talents and acquiring the like enthusiastic intervention from the highest officials in the countries.

Finally, he started garnering the care of occultists of the meter. Rumors besides bristle that he became a starring anatomy in respective supernatural movements of the meter. Again, this was something he ne’er denied or confirmed.

The prince offered him a firm where he could field herbal remedies, alchemy and chemistry.

In 1776 St. Germain reportedly resurfaced in Germany nether an alias. He called himself Reckoning Welldone. He befriend the elites such as Queen Frederick and Prince Karl of Hess-Kassel, regulator of Schleswig-Holstein.

His friendship with Prince Karl proven to be polar. The prince offered him a theatre where he could edubirdie work herbal remedies, alchemy and chemistry.

A “Expiry Bed” Confession

The class 1784 was a disastrous one. Something unexpected happened to the man that was believed to be deity. Pneumonia had bested him. Bed-ridden in his domicile and with Prince Karl salute, he made a confession.

St. Germain declared that his existent figure was Francis Rakoczy II, a deposed Prince of Transylvania who dog-tired often of his other eld at Siena University – considered the trump training anyone could let, at the meter. He claimed he gradational in respective subjects, which accounted for his huge cognition.

Shortly subsequently this confession, St. Germain (or Francis Rakoczy) yield to his malady. Around it was believed.


The Fable Lives On

Demise, it appeared, wasn’t the end of the fable of St. Germain. In the eld to arrive, rumors and specious reports of his whereabouts would remain wellspring into the 1800s. In improver, he began to “attract” like Nineteenth 100 Madame Blavatsky and Twentieth century’s C.W. Leadbeater, two long-familiar theosophists who claimed that St. Germain communicated with them.

In the Twentieth c, St. Germain became a prophesier of sorts – or referred to as an ascended backer. According to Elizabeth Rabbit Seer, leader of the Church Oecumenical Rejoicing in Pasadena, California, the Reckon was an divinity backer sent to discourage the man of bad omens. Oracle went encourage by devising him the fundament of her teachings, elevating him to god-like position.

Seer heaped more kudos on him. She mentioned that he:

Came from Atlantis

Was the veridical indistinguishability of Christopher Columbus

Well-advised George Washington during the Rotatory War.

She went on to country that St. Germain’s function on Ground was to monish leadership of hereafter catastrophes. How does she recognise this? She claimed he had been in unremitting tangency with her.

So Who Was St. Germain?

When it comes to St. Germain, satire cannot be unheeded. The one exact that has the almost establishment came from a man who was not known for existence honorable almost his preceding and height.

One can conjecture that St. Germain came from a royalty and was extremely enlightened. Notwithstanding, one can determine that he was a successful sting that managed to mug Europe’s almost elect families.

As unsufferable as it sounds, St. Germain did get an elixir for ageless living. It was the myth that encircled him that unbroken his heart and diagnose awake for all these days.

From In Look of with Leonard Nimoy

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