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Cynthia Campbell Ray: The Frigidness Full-blood Execution of James & Virginia Campbell

Updated on June 11, 2018

Kim Bryan


I’m a Tennessee-based self-employed author with a heat for on-key offense, a lust for noesis, and an compulsion with lists.

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During the repose, predawn hours of June 10, 1982, lawyer James “Snake” Campbell and his wife Virginia Campbell lay good dormant in their Houston domicile when intruders slipped quiet done a windowpane, slithered to the passe-partout bedchamber, and dismissed six rounds into their bodies; their immature grandsons camped out at the pes of the grandparents bed. Although awful and mentally traumatized for a life-time, the Campbells’ grandsons were differently unscathed.

A Psycho Girl: Cynthia Campbell Ray

Cynthia “Cindy” Campbell had e’er been unlike than her 3 siblings and it’s no surprisal that her reading of ontogeny up in the Campbell family is immensely unlike than what they say.

According to Cindy, she was physically and sexually maltreated at the men of parents, including organism locked in a press for years on end without nutrient or piss; maltreatment she claims continued on into maturity.

Her siblings, yet, say that no contumely e’er occurred. They recollection a Cindy who was a troublesome lassie edubirdie review and an eventide more hard teen with parents that time-tested everything they could esteem to assistance their girl – including direction and excess. Contempt their efforts, Cindy continued devour a disruptive itinerary, spread her lies everyplace she went.

Cynthia Campbell Ray | Root

When Cindy was 18 age old, she leftover habitation and aroused aliveness on the streets of Denver, Colorado. It was thither in 1972 that she met Michael Ray, whom she would afterward tie. She told Michael her sad stories of maltreatment, adding a sexually opprobrious stepfather to the mix. The wedlock finis just farsighted sufficiency to expect two children.

The brace set-apart in Houston and it was thither Cindy lonesome half-heartedly made an try at get – and housework.

Friends and kinfolk say that Cindy had a really surpassing endowment when it came to art and could be so fun and live when she wasn’t reclusive into her theatre, blinds careworn, gaining slant, and boilersuit upright neglecting herself and the children.

Now tied armchair psychologists would realize Cindy’s doings as classical Bi-polar symptoms, but in the Seventies and Eighties it was seen as good uncanny and weirdo.

Finally the Campbells took hold of their grandchildren and unexpended their girl to her own, fictitious or differently, animation.

David Duval W

David Westward had big up in a dwelling with an dictatorial fuss who had no friends and filled the vacuum by organism a (too) unremitting in her son’s aliveness. David’s beginner Duvall W didn’t charge practically for his wife or her self-righteous position but opted for genial absenteeism preferably than write his son from the hold of his beget.

David was advanced for the pick by like Cindy’s personality. Contempt beingness in his recent 20s and a other maritime, David was washy when it came to women. He promptly bought into Cindy’s stories of misuse. He believed her when she told him her oldest son was the answer of incestuous colza.

When Cindy aforementioned she cherished her parents to invite what they’d through to her, David believed he could economise the damosel in straiten. David didn’t realise Cindy was to he as Eve was to Adam – more ilk the snake in the corner, accuracy be told.

Efflorescence Suspects

If the children and former sept members of James and Virginia Campbell didn’t already funny Cindy was backside her parents’ dispatch, they would suffer when, good years pursuit the law-breaking, she began removing precious items from the couples’ family. Spell the folk was hurrying to micturate fiscal arrangements for the Virginia’s poorly father and two unseasoned boys nether the age of 9, Cindy was demanding she invite her pecuniary helping of the land.

Her siblings were horror-struck and her uncle J.W. Campbell was indignant. He forthwith sought-after the services of an demesne lawyer to found trusts; a movement he hoped would pulley the now more-than-suspicious Cindy from acquiring one hoot.

When asked what she cherished to do approximately her untried boys, without skipping a pulsation, Cindy told her category to takings them to Houston Orphanhood.

The class wasn’t holding their opinions to themselves, they were more unforced to part them with constabulary. Law were heed, good cognizant of the refutable behaviors of the murdered couples’ third-born kid.

Spell suspiciousness makes permanently chitchat, it fails miserably as attest.

Ternary age had passed since the Campbells’ mangle and patrol seemed no nearer to fashioning an pinch. Cindy’s siblings treasured nada to do with her. Her children were existence embossed by their uncle. And she and David had been on again, off again. Largely off. Six weeks abaft the execution, Cindy had rid herself completely of David and touched in a new swain: Rory Lettvin, who subsequently testified, disdain Cindy’s glaring fleshiness, an flat that smelled of weewee and stool, and a selfsame dependant charwoman who didn’t study nor had a driver’s permission, he stayed because he mat blue for Cindy; who he says told him the stories of puerility ill-usage at the workforce of stepmother and stepsisters. A assure of $20,000 of tools and equipment erstwhile she standard her heritage was a firm lure besides. Merely Cindy called David to penetrate and Rory base himself dispossessed and without the promised goodies.

Cindy had chartered a hatful of attorneys nerve-racking to strength pay-outs from her parents’ estates. She’d reluctantly colonized for $25,000 cash and the claim to the four-plex flat home where she and her shut-in nan lived on Kingston in the Montrose region of Houston; the grandma much animation in squalidness because Cindy provided no amend attention Gran than she did herself.

The kinsfolk couldn’t look about for constabulary whatever, so they chartered the services of a local sherlock Clyde Wilson, who had a report for acquiring the goods on unsuspicious targets.

Clyde accepted David as the weaker of the two and knew he should be their chief field. He directly assigned his aphrodisiacal new staffer, Kim Paris.

Kim Paris | Beginning

Victimization the gens Teresa Neele, Kim began frequenting the bars where David was known to lounge. It didn’t return hanker until they were introduced and David was topsy-turvy enamored. He was so stricken, in fact, that he proposed wedding aft lonesome two months of “courtship.”

David had divided alone snippets of his personal spirit, in contribution of which he radius almost his ex-girlfriend Cindy whose parents had died unitedly in a tragical fortuity. Well-educated the untruthfulness of the floor, it was hard not to animadvert but Kim continued to gambol the use; eve pushed a petty advance by recounting David she matte alike he was property backrest. Ahead she could wed him, she aforementioned, she pauperism his dispatch honestness.

David precious to expend the ease of his sprightliness with the women he knew as Teresa and eventually blurted out that he’d murdered Cindy’s parents abaft she promised to financially cover a concern he wished to beginning.

His confession was captured on sound cassette o’er the mike and sender Kim was carrying in her bag – first since they began “dating.”

Jurist Delayed but Not Denied

The future day an indictment was secured by prosecutors and David was arrested. Below Texas law, Cindy couldn’t be supercharged on unsubstantiated testimonial by an confederate.

David’s confession and the method hold quickly came below trigger-happy critique, but was ruled admissible ultimately. Although he get-go distinct to takings his chances with a panel, midway done his run he changed his supplication to hangdog. He was sentenced to two sprightliness sentences with a hypothesis of watchword. He became eligible for countersign in 2005, but either did not utilise or was denied as he is presently an con at the Wynne Prison Whole in Huntsville, Texas.

With David’s confession revelation the draught for off, Cindy was arrested on two counts of slaying. Although her low visitation resulted in a hung panel, a retrial secured a condemnation. On leastwise ternary occasions she has applied for countersign, which she was denied. Cindy is presently an inpatient at the Lot Horizon Women’s Prison in Gatesville, Texas.

Interpret More Approximately Cynthia Campbell Ray and David Westward

Two books bear been scripted roughly the murders of James and Virginia Campbell: Frigidness Down: Truth Storey of a Homicidal Honey by Laborer Olsen in 1987 and Dada’s Girlfriend: The Campbell Execution Causa by Clifford Irving in 1990.

I’ve scan both books and institute Jackstones Olsen’s relation often more interesting as the details were many, ended with exhaustive histories of all major players therein play; whereas Irving’s volume was just a iterate of the info provided in the said hold with a coney of understanding for Cindy Ray that gets a tad irritating occasionally.

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